Our Philosophy

We hate silos—we love collaboration

Innovation is combining diverse existing ideas in novel ways. Siloed thinking is not innovative. Which would you rather have?

Your company knows most about your business—and we excel at connecting the diverse dots. Let’s ask questions and find answers together.

We hate preconceived ideas—we love asking questions

The real problem might not be what you think it is—and it is our obligation to help you find what your real problem is, and solve it.

A client engaged us to set up a set of campaigns that they were advised would help them grow business. We refused to deliver to brief, instead showing that these campaigns would lose money. One year hence, we followed-up with the same client, and were happy to find that many of our alternative recommendations were implemented and resulted in greater profitability.

We ask questions and challenge the status quo. If we don’t get convincing answers, we dig deeper until we do.

We love those who can make strategic decisions across functions

If we find that part of your marketing budget is being wasted, but there is a need for better sales or customer service training, the most optimal result for your business is to redistribute your marketing budget to sales or customer service.

We work with those who can make those decisions.

The easiest way not to make mistakes is to do nothing. It is easy to keep making the same decisions because “that’s the way we always do things”. Change takes guts. Best change takes educated risks. We love gutsy.

We hate Big Data—we love “horses for courses” and MVP's

Can you wholeheartedly validate your new Big Data solution’s return on investment—or have you been duped by the hype and jumped in just because “everyone’s doing it” and you’re afraid to be left behind? Alternatively, have you leveraged all the “small” data that your organisation has been collecting?

While large vendors promote enterprise solutions that take months if not years and multi-million-dollar budgets to implement—we leverage what you have today, to give you insights tonight, such that you can make informed decisions tomorrow.

Finally, future-building does not depend on the analysis of the past—so sometimes it’s not about your data at all! We prototype MVP's—we help you experiment, test, learn, improve—at speed.

We hate “solutions”—we love skill-building and coaching

“Fall in love with the problem, not the solution”—Intuit, software company.

Unlike a "solution" company, we don’t sell "out-of-the-box" offerings, searching for problems to which to apply them. These typically have been developed to solve somebody else’s problems.

Instead, we work on your problems, collaboratively. There’s nothing wrong in hiring “Insert Famous Multinational” to offer you an “Insert Name Here” Solution—nobody ever got fired for that. But if you want to solve your actual, pressing issues, in a way that leaves lasting impacts—let’s have a chat.

More importantly, we build skills within your internal teams to continuously improve on what we’ve jointly created. We take pride not so much on what we deliver ourselves, but more so on the level of capability we leave behind after we’ve ended the engagement.