Acquisition strategies and implementation

  • Quantitative support for CVP, service, and CX design
  • Product-to-customer matching, targeting
  • Marketing mix and effectiveness
  • Credit risk origination strategies, modelling and implementation
  • Lending originations optimisation: risk vs profitability

Life-cycle management (X-sell, up-sell, retention, CX, risk)

  • Life-cycle Management and CRM campaign design and management
  • CX measurement: helping customer experience design, evaluation, and management
  • Portfolio Management Risk strategies, modelling, and management
  • Loyalty programme design, evaluation, and implementation (comms)
  • Voice-of-Customer programme design and implementation
  • Retention strategy and management

Data Science and Machine Learning

We use proprietary data structures and machine learning techniques developed over 10 years of working at the top financial institutions in Europe and Australasia, to help your P&L results through the following:

  • Single View of Customer—bringing together internal customer, product, behavioural, transaction, profitability, risk, customer care—and external (surveys, census, etc.) data
  • Risk scoring, propensity and churn modelling, pattern recognition
  • Customer segmentation modelling
  • Natural Language Processing, survey analytics, Voice of Customer, complaints, Voice of Employee

Coaching and building in-house capability

We believe strongly in knowledge transfer and building your internal capability. Part of it is leaving sustainable impact post-engagement—the other part is saving you long-term money by decreasing your dependence on expensive contractors.

The only obvious caveat is that this must make organisational, strategic, and economic sense for your company.

We work jointly with you to identify core strategic competencies in data-driven decision-making that you would like to in-house, and those competencies that it would make economic sense to outsource—and we help you along the path you choose.